A WIP list of everything I love: Cause some days you need to see a list of happy things to turn a frown upside down.

pumpkin seeds, backstroke, vacuuming, Africa, rain, sabudana khichdi, Mumbai, perfect footpaths, teaching, roasting marshmallows, Fitbit, mountains, marmots, Ladakh, selfies, museums, long walks, Wikipedia, penguins, earrings, barbell squats, brownies, making and manipulating puppets, my students, Twitter replies, The Beatles, gardening, photography, YouTubing, sitting on a lawn, kneading dough, climbing, Pilates, making lesson plans, New York, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Office (US), mangoes, beautiful trees, shade trees, mom, free and open-source software, methi khakra, flossing, bitter gourd chips, stars and ticks on to-do lists, lawn mowers, grapefruit, cantaloupe, camping, KicthenAid colours, Pieter Bruegel’s art, canvas