One of Jacksonville’s oldest landmarks is a dinosaur statue
When I first came to Jacksonville in 2016, I remember noticing an oddly-placed dinosaur statue while driving through Beach Boulevard, in the Southside. With cartoon-like features, pumpkin orange skin and red lights for eyes, Rex makes for an attractive landmark. On an otherwise uninspiring landscape flanked by retail outlets and grocery stores, the unassuming demeanor of a tyrant lizard with giant bone in hand, is a guaranteed eyeball grabber for passers-by. Rex’s big nostrils, jagged teeth, wide grin and white belly give him a distinctive, hard-to-ignore appearance.


His name is Rex
Curious to know more, I decided to look for information about the structure. I googled about it only to realize that his name is Rex, after all he is an avatar of the bipedal carnivore,¬†Tyrannosaurus Rex. I even noticed that he had his own coordinates listed on Google Maps with directions to take me there. Obviously this was no ordinary dinosaur. ‘Historical landmark’ claimed Google search results and he also has reviews on Yelp.


Rex has a past
A remnant of the miniature golf haunt, Goony Golf Complex, Rex was originally one of its unofficial mascots. In the distant past, his mechanical arm would operate a door that collected golf balls at the now no-more Putt Putt golf ground.

I even found a black-and-white photograph of him in the book, ‘Images of America – Jacksonville’s Southside’.

rex Images of Jacksonville southside.pngGreat for selfies
So if you ever visit Jacksonville in Florida, don’t forget to take a selfie with this dino, he surely makes for good pictures.