I am a freelance journalist and teacher, currently based in Jax, Florida. My interests include photography, fitness, social media, tech, food, and travel.

The following text is pretty old. It was published a long time ago and needs editing and updating, which I will do, later :p


I make puppets from used plastic bottles. And along with my friends, I visited a few public schools to do puppet shows on cleanliness, nutrition and good manners.


I once was an active promoter of Vine that lets you shoot and upload 6-second videos.

Along with my friend and fellow journalist, I created The Report a video news and features channel for the web.

I was formerly with:

@dna as their digital editor.

(What did it involve? Leading a young team, revamping the website’s design, thinking of digital strategy for real-time news and social including setting up and popularising its Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube channels, increasing traffic [yes, hate it on the road, love it on the web], ensuring smooth web-print integration [includes everyday ideation for the paper’s augmented reality app] running marketing initiatives and contests on digital and of course, writing whenever I can)     <<< Pretty long sentence, I must’ve really worked a lot :p


@timesofindia as features and tech correspondent.

I am a trained Karateka (Black belt with practice of over 10 years) and have a few kumite (freestyle fighting) and kata (choreographed martial arts) medals in my closet.

I am a qualified teacher (teaching was my full-time job for about two years) and a passionate cook. (learnt cooking and baking at IHM, Dadar).

My Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/Mahafreed. I am working on a Must-see places in Mumbai pinboard… do suggest edits.

On Twitter I am @mahafreed (tweet interestingness, gyaan and rants) and @mahafreed_irani (used to curate news. Now inactive).

On Instagram, I am http://instagram.com/mahafreed

I absolutely love Wikipedia and Quora… try and contribute whenever I can. I chill on Reddit for news.

My Google Plus page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MahafreedIrani.

Mobile apps I use regularly: M-Indicator, Google Maps, Zite, Fitbit

I cycle too. Try to.