I’ve always wanted to paint on canvas but for some reason, I never got down to actually doing it until last year. I still dream of painting in the woods, with a large easel and unlimited painting supplies – an assortment of brushes, large palettes, and paints. Colors – matte finish, glow in the dark, pastels, glossy, neons, every kind.

Over the last couple of months, I managed to visit an art store – Michaels, and finally picked up a couple of art basics. Here are a few paintings I’ve completed and proudly displayed on my walls. They’re novice attempts but they gave me great joy. The process of planning what to paint, choosing a canvas size, sketching an outline, selecting the colors, choosing brush strokes, editing mistakes and waiting for it to dry made me feel indescribably unflustered.

My first canvas painting was an already-drawn dog. It was a kit that came with paints, a palette and the canvas, pre-sketched. Pretty easy to do.


My second attempt was a vase of peonies. Inspired by impressionist Renoir’s classic artwork, I managed to do this painting with help from a tutorial by artist and YouTuber Ginger Cook. I followed step-by-step instructions from her YouTube video on painting red peonies.


Now that you have seen my version, here is the original and Ginger Cook’s version of red peonies in a vase.


Cinnamon Cooney, Ginger Cook’s daughter, whose Internet pseudonym is TheArtSherpa. is another delightful painter who creates painting videos on YouTube.
Before I attempted to paint on my own, I looked for tips and tricks on acrylic painting on canvas. The Internet has many but Cinnamon’s videos are easy to follow and she really makes for an adroit teacher.

My third painting on canvas was that of my favorite subject after unicorns – magical sea horses. For this painting, my inspiration was the work of Joy A Kirkwood. She has a huge collection of sea horse paintings and each one of them is unique.


My latest attempt was inspired by MF Hussain. The Indian artist is renowned for his Cubist-style horse paintings.


I now intend to do larger canvases. I do not have an easel yet. It might be my next purchase.

Another future plan is to learn Indian traditional Madhubani painting.

This is what it looks like

madhubani painting

Finally, check this photograph I took of a painter at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


I’ll try doing this after I retire, perhaps.