We all know it, the Internet has made life easier. And perhaps, made us lazier.

I, for one, refuse to
– Do simple calculations – even the most basic addition, multiplication, division is outsourced to Google.
– Store info to recall later – rarely do I make an effort to memorize information anymore. I simply store it in the form of digital notes, or conveniently forget because I can always Google the information when I need it again.

And then, for many other tasks that require even minimal use of my brain, I depend on Internet Generators, that can do the tasks for me, within seconds.

Online Generators? Yes, that’s what they are called. Machines that use permutations, combinations and a set of algorithms to calculate and generate things for you. Things? Yup. They will generate slogans, abuses, stories, codes, songs, statuses, memes, poems, passwords, insults, fake news… the list is endless, which is why I decided to create a laundry list of generators I found online. Because? Because the Internet is awesome and we must never forget to celebrate it.

Warning: Some of the results may be formulaic and hackneyed.

I thought thinking of abuses was rather instantaneous and something everyone aced at but apparently there are generators for this too.
Shakespeare insulter  This generator will create an insult, Shakespearean style and also tell you which literary work it was sourced from.
For example: [Thou] hath more hair than wit, and more faults than hairs, and more wealth than faults. Taken from: The Two Gentlemen of Verona.
Elizabethan Curse Generator Created by Trevor Stone, this generator is similar to the one above. It uses Shakespearean language but doesn’t produce direct quotes from his literature.
And for those who want to be nice, there is the Surrealist Compliment Generator for perspicuous words of praise.
For example: The glow of your teeth exudes the courage of raw liver.

Fake news is in the news! And fake news generators can help you create spoof news articles that you can share with your friends for a good laugh.

Break Your Own News  Created by Jonathan Cresswell, this site lets you create a screenshot of a TV news story with a headline and ticker. You can choose your own image too. The result is a news shot with your photo, headline and ticker along with a LIVE in red. Worth sharing. For example:

The result: Fake news generator

Free Newspaper Generator This site lets you create your own spoof newspaper articles with headline, text, a photo. You can also name your newspaper and add your own author. The result is a .pdf file you can share with your friends.

Some more tools, useful for lazy academicians.
Citation generator Generate citations in MLA, APA & Chicago formats for your bibliography
Plot Generator I absolutely love this tool. It lets you fill in key details like – title, opening, conflict, resolution – and generates a story for you. This tool could also be useful for students of language learning how to compose their own stories.
Plot generator.jpg
Pun Generator: Created by Tom Benner, this generator helps you have pun creating puns!
And there is a Poem generator and Song Lyrics Generator too!
Another tool I used very often while I was in college is the Title Capitalization tool which automatically capitalizes a title for you depending on the style you choose – AP style/Chicago Manual of Style.

Tools to impress your colleagues, boss and friends with professional jargon.
Corpspeak Created by Chris Pirazzi, this tool is a corporate jargon generator, best used for internal communication emails and press releases. Corporate Bullshit Generator, Marketing Bullshit Generator, Business Buzzword Generator are a few more examples that do similar tasks for you.
Edu babble This tool is meant to assist in the writing of reports, grant applications, and other documents related to public schools. It helps creating academic jargon.
Political Rhetoric Generator Created by Luke Rissacher, this site claims to generate American political rhetoric and promises to replace your speechwriters to win some elections.


Making collages, word clouds, lead photos, Facebook covers, Twitter backgrounds have been made easy thanks to a bunch of image editing and generating tools online.
My favourite is Adobe Spark which I used to generate the Featured Image of this post.
For posts that need a word cloud, there is Wordle, an old tool that generates word clouds from words you enter. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.
There are several comic strip creators online, two of my favourites are: StripGenerator and StripCreator.
Name in lights: This site lets you create an animation of your name in lights. There are various options (with or without sound, with or without an intro) to choose from and the end result is HTML code that you can insert in your blog or website.
GIF maker, GIPHY is well-known but needed a mention here and if you love traditional memes, here’s a site that lets you easily generate them and of course it is called the Meme Generator. The site has the option to allow users to choose from a bunch of very popular meme characters too.

There are several logo generators too. I tried this Online Logo Generator to create a logo for my blog (pictured below). It’s quick and easy. You choose an icon, text, a border and your logo is ready.

If you need a custom avatar for your social media or chat DPs (display pictures), you can try avatar generators. There is Avatar Maker for a basic avatar and South Park Avatar creator for South Park fans.

If you need some inspiration or you are just looking for the easy way out, slogan generators are great to get you started.
Created by Ramesh Jha, this generator’s website says it is a simple tool for creating advertising slogans and taglines. Users have to enter a word and it creates a custom slogan based on a random template from its database. Another similar tool: http://www.slogangenerator.org/

QR code generator
: There are several QR code generating websites and apps available online.
Puzzle creator: I used online puzzle creators to create customised word search and crossword puzzles a lot! These are really useful for teachers and parents. The list of puzzles you can make includes cryptograms, mazes, number blocks, math squares, hidden message, fallen phrases and crisscross.
Sound and music generators: Try Computoser that generates compositions with combinations of tones, rhythms and instruments selected by users. There is also myNoise that lets you generate noises and alter them according to your taste.
Receipt Maker: This generator lets you create free custom receipts for your customers. It lets you choose your payment method, enter your company name, store address, return policy. You can even add details like your company slogan, website address, a “Follow us on Facebook” line, or a tax registration number. Taxes and total payment due are calculated automatically and the transaction ID for each receipt is unique and can be used to record your sales or verify returns.
Strong Password generator is a useful tool for people struggling to think of a unique password that includes all the recommendations for creating a strong password.
Airline Ticket Maker Enter your Surname, Name, City of Origin and Destination, Boarding Time, Flight Date and Airline and this generator will create a realistic first-class airline ticket for you. Great for spoofing around.

Airline ticket generator
Airline ticket generator