I was not sure whether I should be doing this – sharing my to-do list. But I thought I would do it just for the sake of archiving. Perhaps when I am older, 60, or even 40, I will revisit this list and laugh at my ambition or lack of it.

So here goes, a rough look at activities I include in my to-do list while I temporarily deal with being unemployed.

  1. Undistracted library book reading
  2. Practice for FTCE/GRE exams.
  3. Clean the house with a focus on making it look visibly cleaner.
  4. Cook a new recipe or create my own.
  5. Organise laundry and the pantry.
  6. Get 3 hours of exercise – cardio, weights and stretches.
  7. Complete online marketing course.
  8. Practice American accent, get rid of Indian accent (sigh).
  9. Write a blog post a day, random nonsense will do for starters.
  10. Ensure calorie deficit is in place for guaranteed weight loss.
  11. Watch an award-winning movie, watch an entertaining TV series.
  12. Read the news, share interestingness.
  13. Edit Wikipedia.
  14. Read, answer Quora.
  15. Win a challenge on Fitbit.
  16. Study Google Maps and find a new interesting place to explore. Or just learn a new road name/ route.
  17. Blog a lesson plan. (I used to love creating these as a teacher.)
  18. Make beautiful photographs.
  19. Do something nice for someone.
  20. Make more YouTube videos.

Ha, ha, ha. Don’t laugh.