This piece is a follow up to an earlier post I had written titled, ‘101 Excuses not to exercise‘. Well, I have been working out and exercising more than usual. I wake up at 4.45 am every day and hit the road for a morning wog (walk+jog).

Florida is dangerously sunny and while it’s summer, post 7.30 am workouts can be torturous outside. Why? Cause it’s hard even to look straight because of the sunlight.

After the morning workout, I hit the gym on some days and do a walk in the night too.

Some days, when there is someone around to drive me, I visit a park or the beach to walk a little extra.

So here are the reasons I use to brainwash myself into exercising.

  1. So I can eat dessert.
  2. Cause I ate dessert yesterday.
  3. Cause Bolt is cool on the track and I want to #win like him.
  4. Cause I set the alarm and have already woken up so might as well go out.
  5. Cause it’s time to be bikini ready.
  6. Cause I need to lower my cholesterol.
  7. Cause it’s beautiful outside.
  8. Cause there’s no one outside in the mornings and I can have the whole sidewalk to myself.
  9. Cause I need to win a Fitbit challenge.
  10. Cause my goal weight is 120 pounds for December.
  11. Cause exercising with my neighbour friend is the only time I get to interact with humans, for now.
  12. Cause I have to collect more Pokemon.
  13. Cause I need more Pokeballs.
  14. Cause I need to get groceries and I do not know driving, yet.

WIP list, I will keep adding to this post.

Glimpses of my workouts.