Marching bands, promenading truck floats, waving beauty queens, giant character balloons, cheering dancers, bike-riding cops and stomping cadets. These were some of the sights at the 4th of July, 2016 parade in the nation’s capital, Washington DC. I was lucky enough to witness these while I stood on a sidewalk by Constitution Avenue in front of the IRS federal building.

I have grouped photos of the various participants in the parade… Hope you enjoy viewing them.

The giant balloons…


There were several cultural groups that wanted to express their gratitude to the country. These included – Sikhs of America, Taiwanese Americans (as pictured above) Chinese Americans, Vietnamese Americans, members of the Hare Krishna Movement… some of them were dressed in traditional wear to promote cultural diversity of America.




The bands were largely school bands of DC.

And then there were a few famous personalities too. Can you identify them?