When I visited New York – Manhattan – to be specific, the first thing I noticed, besides the towering buildings closely huddled next to each other, were the gaudily colored food trucks that lined the crowded sidewalks. Some of them had jazzily lit neon LED sign boards while others preferred to have corny messages or warm aromas lure customers. My first food truck meal was at Adel’s Famous Halal Food. There was a queue of men in impeccable suits and ties before me and they appeared to be regular customers from the adjacent offices. The food was cheap, 5 dollars for a meal, and I had some chicken and rice served with salad. The portion size was American (largely large) and so I even had enough to save for later.

I saw many food trucks after that on Wall Street and other touristy locations… selling pretzels, hot dogs, halal food and icecream.

My next encounter with food trucks was at the Food Truck Wars event held at Jax Landing (a shopping area with a central stage by the St John’s river coast in downtown Jacksonville) last week. This time there were more trucks. And music, and alcohol. I was more excited to see the creative ways they were serving drinks – in jello-filled injections and hollow pineapple jars (a hollow pineapple carved to hold a drink).

That’s me with a “strong, home-made, jello” injection.


The trucks were serving all kinds of cuisines from around the world. A few pictures from the event are below. Something I noticed… they like to call themselves anything but trucks: Food shack, food engine, food canoe, food junction, food basket, food stop but of all the fancy names, food garbage-can has to be the worst. lol.


We tried food from two trucks: The Hawaiian and Jamaican food. Both tasted very similar and consisted of chicken with rice.IMG_8020IMG_8021