Many have asked me: So which is better – teaching or journalism? I’ve asked myself the same question too, several times. They both have their benefits and drawbacks. One of the positives of teaching in a school – and I was privileged to teach at one of Mumbai’s oldest and best schools – The Cathedral and John Connon School at Fort – is that your colleagues treat you like family. The staffroom, was where my colleagues and I sat together and ate together. And something as mundane as eating lunch became something I looked forward to doing, everyday. It felt like home. Why, you might wonder. Well, at all my previous workplaces, there was no concept of lunch time. In fact, going for lunch was looked down upon cause you were ‘not working’ and taking a break. No one cared whether you had eaten or not. It didn’t matter.

I miss lunch breaks with my colleagues. And my students, so much.

They were family.

In the last week at school, there was pot luck, for me and family.