I am creating a long list of all my excuses. I will keep adding to this one. Do share your excuses in the comments section.IMG_4973

(Gym) It is too crowded.
I have to wait for my turn to use the treadmill.
I do not have sexy gym wear.
I missed the Pilates class, all the other classes are boring.
I have a stalker who I am trying to avoid.
I haven’t waxed.
I do not have anyone to drop me to the gym.
No workout buddy.
I need a personal trainer for motivation.

(Walk) It is raining.
It is too sunny.
It is too cold.
It is too dark.
I do not have a suitable trail.
There’s too much smog today.
I cannot tolerate the crowded footpaths (sidewalks) with tourists.

I just ate.
I haven’t eaten.
I have to study/work/cook.
It’s boring.
I am planning a strategy that starts tomorrow.
I lost 2 pounds, need a day to relax.
I am unwell, that time of the month.
I cannot run cause I am flatfooted and my shoes do not have arches.
My forgot to wear my fitbit.
My ipod isn’t charged.
My phone isn’t charged.
I did not eat heavy meals today.