A few months ago, I was part of a video shoot for a scissor brand whose name I will not mention cause even after promising they would pay me, they have been extremely unprofessional (note the irony in the title) and kept me hanging. I do not even know when the videos will be out and if they ever will be.

Anyways, since my friend requested me to shoot for them, I did it and I must say that I enjoyed the shooting experience. It all happened in one day – I was on my feet for hours even after I hadn’t slept the previous night only because I was busy preparing craft samples for the video.

The videos are a series of DIY craft clips that showcase me making various things- emoji pillows, large decorative tissue paper flowers, pyramid-shaped gift boxes, selfie corner props and candle stands. Each of the videos was shot with a huge crew including cameramen, lighting assistants, a makeup person and of course the directors. There were takes and retakes, and it was almost like shooting for a TV serial/advertisement for television. My previous experience facing such big cameras was when I shot for two ad films, again for a friend.

Here are a photos from the shoot, if the videos do not get released in the next few months, I promise to share a detailed ‘how to’ guide on each of the crafts.

  1. I was exposed to really bright lights all day. And lots of makeup (which I loved). IMG_4019

2. The director was not very happy with my fingers because she said my cuticles were visible. I thought my fingers looked pretty neat.


3.I had to speak a little bit about the products while demoing the crafts.IMG_4020

4. Nights before, I was practising and preparing samples for the shoot. I was sleepless because I had to manage all of this along with my day-time job.IMG_4016

5. Below is an image of the stencils I created for the selfie corner props. The benefit of creating the selfie corner mustaches and lips was that I used some of the props for the selfie corner at my own wedding which happened in March this year.IMG_4015

6. These are the felt candle holders. You can put small candles in shot glasses and hang them in these holders. Nice for a patio or balcony area.IMG_4050

7. The stencil (below) to make the felt candle holders (above). Quite complicated.IMG_4017

8. Making the table look almost clinically clean was top priority. I like it messy. But the director wanted it to look professional.IMG_4025

9. Created these pyramid-shaped gift boxes. They are pretty easy to make and make gifting more satisfying especially if you make them yourself.IMG_4026

10. The emoji pillows. Made this with yellow cloth and some pillow stuffing. I used a glue gun for the first time to stick the eyes and lips onto the pillows. Quite exciting.