I know this sounds like one of those link-bait articles but heck it’s true and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate heading for this post. If I really had to write another one, I’d title it, ‘how Fitbit, marriage, a new gym, an exercise companion and pretty sidewalks helped me lose weight’. I am 16 pounds lighter than I was in December and Fitbit has played an important role in this epic weight loss.

I am currently using the Fitbit Charge HR.

Below is an archive of all my Fitbit tweets to date and a list of reasons why I like it.

1. I like it because IT IS SMART. Swinging your arms does not increase steps, I’ve tried that lazy trick. You really have to increase your heart rate and move your body for it to add to your step count. 

fitbit three


2. It helps me SET, TRACK and KEEP GOALS.

fitbit four


3. It encourages me to CREATE A CALORIE DEFICIT. It has a fairly large database of food items with their calorie counts. For items not on the list, you can scan the barcode or key in the calories yourself.

This helps because once you set your target weight, Fitbit calculates your daily required calorie deficit for you. It is intuitive as I do not have to do any math, Fitbit does it for me.

fitbit one

fitbit five


4. It is COMPETITIVE. You can challenge your friends to some interesting timed challenges where the one who walks/runs the maximum number of steps in the given time wins. There are four types of challenges: Goal Day, Weekend Warrior, Daily Showdown and Workweek Hustle. Gamification #win.

Hoping the next update will have more…

fitbit five


fitbit sevem.jpg


6. It’s an EYEOPENER
fitbit eight.jpg

Do let me know what you think about my fitbit weight loss success.

Here’s a resource that you might find useful. Pretty detailed

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