Architectural marvels, the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges caught my eye as we were heading towards our destination in New York – Wall Street – from the LaGuardia Airport. I had already made up my mind that I would walk on one of them and the one that was closest and most-walkable was the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge with its glorious web of cables and imposing stone towers bestrides the East River which is not a river but a salt-water estuary. It connects the New York boroughs Manhattan and Brooklyn.

So I set up Google Maps, wore my sneakers, put on a borrowed jacket and with camera and a portable mobile battery charge in purse, started walking towards the bridge. It was a chilly day and the start of the bridge on the New York side is right near City Hall. I was lucky to see street performers do a small dance before I ventured on my bridge walk.

Here’s a video of their performance. (You will have to click on the link cause wordpress and vine seem to have some issues with embedding)

Below are a few pictures I clicked. Hope you enjoy them.

On sale on the bridge were pretzels, NYC keychains and charcoal – chalk sketches of the city’s skyline.


The bridge grows narrow at some points making it a bit of a struggle for space because cyclists and tourists have to share the same area. However there are walking and cycling guides drawn on the path that clearly indicate who uses what lane. While most people obeyed the rule, there were some who preferred walking in big groups and ignoring the other visitors.


Below: A view of the Manhattan Bridge that has a distinct blue colour.IMG_3911

A view from the Brooklyn Bridge of New York traffic.IMG_3915

Superstition or fad? Love locks have the company of hairbands and earphones.IMG_3924IMG_3926IMG_3928

Manhattan buildings. Among them is the tall One World Trade Tower Centre almost as if it is reaching out to the heavens.IMG_3932

Between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges is a place called Dumbo. And a beautiful carousel sits there.IMG_3947

Jane’s Carousel! I wish I could sit on of the horses. 48 horses, two carriages. 1922 born. Pretty ancient.


A ferry carrying visitors returning from Liberty Island.IMG_4266

One of the many interesting sights from the bridge. Some kind of soil being transported on the East River.IMG_4269IMG_4271

Saw many newly-weds or husbands and wives to be who had come to the bridge to take photographs together. The scenic location seems to be a favourite with locals for fancy shoots.IMG_4273

The bridges of New York and its buildings are what make it very unlike any other city I have ever seen.

What did I do after crossing over to Brooklyn?

Visited Jane’s Carousel. Walked on Flatbush Avenue where I did lots of window shopping.

Visited the heavenly Brooklyn Botanical Garden.