WIP post. Will keep adding to this one.

Photos from my recent visit to Seattle. My first impressions of Seattle were: port, fit people, hill city, tulips and clean.

I walked for miles while I was there mainly because I did not know how to use the bus… I am so used to buses with bus conductors that I just couldn’t get over how passengers have to pay exact change to the driver.

I was lucky I was staying in Downtown Seattle… very close the the famous Pike Place Market which is a fabulous farmer’s market where they sell fresh fish, tulips and a large variety of other goods including handmade and indigenous ware. Inside the Pike Place Market is a popular corner that tourists love visiting – The Gum Wall. A photographer/selfiegrapher’s haven, it consists of two large walls covered with chewed gum and uhmmm.. lots of saliva.

Some have taken their gum posting seriously and even created art with it.


The Pike Place Gum Wall

Coloured gum up close
The Pike Place Market Center
Pike place is famous for its fresh seafood on sale: Fish, clams, crabs and lobsters
On sale at Pike Place: Tulips and daffodils

Another must-visit place is the glass museum which is located in the Space Needle campus. It has beautiful glass sculptures made by Chihuly. You can also watch live demos of how liquid glass is carved and coloured to produce glassware.

An exhibit at the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum
The Space Needle
I finally saw actual locks- The Ballard Locks- connecting the salty Puget Sound with freshwater Lake Washington
View of the drawbridge from the Ballard Locks
Seattle Great Wheel on Elliott Bay
Seattle streets
Unlike Internet trolls, this troll has a face – The Fremont Troll