A bawa wedding is not complete without its food. Here are pics from a friend’s wedding…
Some of the delicious things served alfresco… yes, we eat egg, mutton, chicken and fish… all in one meal. :—)


First: The starters include the famous carrot and dry fruit pickle (aachar) to be had with saariyas (fried sago chips) and rotlis (Indian flat-bread). Note the red drink in the background. It’s the famous raspberry drink. Last seen at a bawa cafe or wedding.


Second: The chicken/mutton sali. A tomato-based meat gravy topped with fried potato strips for that extra crunch and carb with protein.


Fish could be either the famous patra-ni-machchi (fish in green coconut chutney steamed in a banana leaf) or the fish in white sauce called saas ni machchi (pictured). It is sour because of the vinegar and contains egg and maida (refined flour). Both fish dishes usually use pomfrets.


Next was the rice dish. Mutton pulao dal. The mutton is soft and juicy cooked with lentils.


Here’s the boss of the show. Tanaz Godiwalla. The most-famous Parsi caterer today.


Sweets included kulfi (Indian icecream) pictured above with a topping of noodles (falooda noodles) and Parsi lagan-nu-custard.


The funny part about most wedding dinners is the end when you’re rushed to leave your seat by the caterers who change the table cloth and someone standing behind you… waiting to start their meal.

You can carry your sweet dish with you and eat it in some corner, away from the table… to ensure no wastage :p

PS: Shot on an iPhone 5s, on the dark side of the table.