I am a journalist. My younger brother is a chef. We both live with our mother, but we are all strangers in the same house. I would like to bond with my sibling and share quality time together. But he leaves the house at 6 am to travel by local train and bus, which is almost 2 hours of travel, to his workplace, the Trident at BKC. There he has ‘break shift’ mostly, so he reaches home by 1am or 1.30 post midnight, absolutely drained.
I have no fixed timing, but I’m online mostly, as that is my job, as I’m online editor for DNA. It is quite stressful and a very hands-on responsibility to keep up-to-date on the latest news and views. besides I must oversee the news-feed by my team. Spelling boo-boos and incorrect facts are my nightmare. Photo credits have to be in place, grammatical corrections need to be checked and altered. Nitty gritties add up and the workday merges into night without a warning. If I leave for my workplace by bus or cab at 10-30am, I am bogged down by the perennial traffic jams, the noise, the smoke and dust, a daily obstacle. I too return home by 12.30 to 1am, feeling tired managing only to brush and sleep.

Both, my brother and I have one day off per week, but that day does not coincide. On our day off, we both mostly sleep it off, as that is what we are deprived of mostly. So we cannot share outings or a holiday, or even a film together. Mostly we communicate by email or notes on the fridge. I wish I could have a holiday with my sibling and bond together, before I get married, because then I shall never get a chance at all, if I marry and leave the city…