Freewheeling-Mahafreed Irani
Freewheeling by Mahafreed Irani

Hair needs care
Hair shows health
Hair complements beauty
Hair is everyone’s crowning beauty
So it is everyone’s duty
Male or female – let your hair be the center of your personality.
I’ve tried hair treatments galore and yet seen my hair has dandruff and my tears fall to the floor.
Egg yolks I applied
And my head smelt like an omelette
Mehendi made it dry
And also made me cry because it was so futile
Beer is good for hair treatment
Said my friends
So I used it expansively
And it emptied my wallet expensively
At night I suffered massages of hot oil
And tied my head in warm towels
And felt uncomfortable in the heavy coils
I just want to be free
Of tension to care for my hair
I want 2014 to be the beginning of problem-free haircare
So I hope Sunsilk lives up to their image
And I get a chance
To avoid all the special steps to prevent damage
Waterworld has always been a no
The chlorine would damage my hair so
Mumbai local train rides I have undergone
With a long scarf to cover my hair
And keep it safe from the dust,
And the sweatiness that I have borne
When I travel in Mumbai locals
And perspire among the crowds
I want my crowning glory
To be smooth and silky and shiny
And stand up among the crowds
All my friends wear a scarf and a hat to cover their hair
To save it from the sunburn, the dust, the wind and the perm
I want a recharge from Sunsilk, freedom from a scarf or a hat
To ride my cycle happily
And let my hair relax
To enjoy a bus ride
Along traffic jams
And listen to my iPod
As I relax at the open window
Not worrying to shade my hair
Because Sunsilk has done it for me
When I visit Waterworld,
I’ll be a mermaid true
Let no worry be for my tresses
For Sunsilk protects my hair
And lets me enjoy the water rides
Without a care
For all these little things I enjoy
I hope Sunsilk will help me
To recharge my daily routine
And make it special and fun.

Braving the waters by Mahafreed Irani
Braving the waters by Mahafreed Irani

This blog post is an entry for the contest. First prize is a Vespa :—)