Everyday, the one ritual every employee (who doesn’t have a car/bike) working in the Indiabulls building has to perform is display their ID proof. And like everyday, I rummaged through my bag to find that small piece of card without which I cannot enter the campus. While I was rummaging, and I was doing it without blocking the entrance, a man (must be post 40) brushed me, intentionally or unintentionally is not known. 

My obvious reaction was to react and tap him on his back to show him my disapproval. You can say it was more than just a tap, a hit with a yell, “Look and walk. Can’t you see?”.

This was followed with the man reacting, “I am sorry,” after which I expressed my annoyance saying what corporate manners are those…

And guess what, the man showed his true colours. “You need psychotic treatment. Stupid,” was his reaction.

What a great start to the day. Thank You, corporate, cultured Indian man. May you have a great day too.