Is it with mom? I don’t do what she wants me to do but still do what she wants.
My iPad keeps me happy for a few minutes.
But nothing like my favourite person.
Should it make me happy that my boss is happy or that my readers are happy?
Should it make me happy that the intern is happy or that my team is happy?
Should I be happy that I can write absolute nonsense and dump it on the web allowing it to grow molds, views and comments?
Is life about making it big or living it small?
What about traffic? How important is it to meet targets? Or is it more important to do things differently?
I know what unhappiness is… it’s your best friend not talking to you. It’s that time when your core companion becomes Richard Parker. It’s when no one understands how important it is to work hard and focus and disconnect and focus and work. No one does. Coz play is important. Why is play important? Coz when you only play, no one takes you seriously. And when you only work, everyone gets pissed.
How lovely it is to be 28.