Planned a trek to Matheran and totally enjoyed it. I have absolutely no idea why I am writing like a school kid on this blog, but heck I don’t have to worry about intros, bodies, conflict, comment and conclusion here. So, ya.

We boarded a train from CST to Nerul. Rs 38, one ticket. There are trains after every half an hour or so. Reached Neral and then took a cab (Rs 60 per head is the fixed rate) to a point near Diksal village.

Here’s a photo of the starting point.

From then on, it was only three of us and an empty muddy road. Sexy fun. There was rain, mist, mud, muck, and peace. We walked for about an hour and then reached a point where there were virgin meadows. We dropped our bags on one such meadow and made it our private meadow… hahah. Ate the bun maska and omelettes we had packed. And sat looking into the mist which cleared every time there was breeze.

Private meadow: Back view
Private meadow: Front view

The aim was to reach Garbett Point but we were pretty happy with what we found on the way.

We walked for another hour and reached Garbett village where chatty village boys offered to be our guides for the day… for a fee of course. But Garbett Point would talk another 90 minutes to reach so we returned back as it was late.

The best part of the journey? We got a lift from a local truckie. 

Here’s a video from the truck with some trash talk