There’s a new app that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and make your daily commute in the city easier. Called Smart Mumbaikar, the app that was launched on Friday, lets users find fellow-travellers for car, rickshaw and taxi pooling.

“It’s a simple Facebook app that lets you identify who among your friends, or friends of friends shares the same route you take to office, school or college,” says entrepreneur Raxit Sheth, the developer of the app.

When users install Smart Mumbaikar, they are prompted for details about their daily commute. Users can use a dropdown menu of city landmarks to select the origin and the destination of their journey. It also asks users to select their mode of transport and timing.

“We’ve compiled a list of about 5,000 popular landmarks across Mumbai. These include locations on the western side, Navi Mumbai and the central line,” says Sheth who developed the app along with software developer Parth Lalcheta.

The app also has a special option for female travellers who can select if they want to travel with at least one female companion or an all-female group. Besides, it also lets you select if you want to travel only with friends or are open to travelling with friends of friends on Facebook.

“During research, we realised that security was a key concern, especially for women,” says the software developer who is also the creator of MumbaiAuto (an app that tells you rickshaw and taxi tariffs once you key in the meter reading) and Mobile4Mumbai (an app that allows users to find BEST bus routes).

“We also know that a large percentage of people are underutilizing rickshaws, cars and taxis during rush hour. Autos and cabs with single passengers simply add to the traffic problems of the city.”

But Sheth’s sustainable solution to fight traffic snarls would need a large number of signups for it to be a success.

“Once we have a large user base, finding people to share a ride with won’t be difficult,” he says.

One of the beta testers of the app, student of Malad’s Dalmia College, Harshal Shroff says, “I wanted to use it because it can reduce my daily expenditure on travel… and it’s a great way to connect with other students in my own college that take the same route.”

Yeshuraj Neekhra whose daily commute from Lokhandwala Kandivali to Jay Coach in Jogeshwari East involves either changing two buses or taking an auto says sharing a rickshaw will help him save the expenditure on rickshaw fare and avoid the stress of travelling in two crowded buses.

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