Visited Aarey Milk Colony for some boating last month. Aarey affairs correspondent on Twitter @vodkaholic was nice enough to come with me. Had asked a bunch of other friends… everyone cancelled last minute. Interesingly the green lake is called Chota Kashmir.Here’s my post from the Brand New Day blog.

Wild Goose Chase

Paddle boating is fun. And paddle boating in the middle of a green sanctuary is the perfect stress buster for a city sleeker like me. Aarey Milk Colony is one of those places that is full of green everywhere. Best part is when you enter the place; you can feel the temperatures drop because there are so many trees to keep cool.

Chhota Kashmir, a small lake inside the colony is a tourist spot and one place I’ve always wanted to visit. So when I decided to go there finally, I went fully equipped with my camera, sunscreen and all those picknicky goodies. The first thing I noticed after reaching the spot was this huggggggeeeee tree that had branches spreading in all directions and some almost kissing the lake water. I bet the tree is over 100 years old. It had the brightest green leaves ever.

The green water of the lake with white geese swimming around added to the awesomeness of the location. My friend and I booked a paddle boat and set out paddling.

What was our mission? To chase some geese and take pictures of little goslings. So we paddled and paddled and paddled till we reached a strategic point where the geese were fairly close to us. Yellow goslings are cuties. We paddled some more towards their direction and then they swam off faster than we could paddle. Le sigh. But the goose chase didn’t end there. Once we were back on the shore, I chased some more geese cooling off in the sun. Haha :) Fun.

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