Starting a series called App of the Day. My reviews, my style. Not following any journalism rules here. Will simply post things that strike me about the app as a user.

First app: Wikitude

Augmented Reality is the coolest thing to happen to your mobile device. Wikitude lets you use your camera to scan an area, and as you pan, you can see virtual tags overlap in real time.

Click ‘Around Me’ and the app shows you various POIs (points of interest) : These include user-generated information like Foursquare check-ins, geo-tagged tweets and Flickr photos and Wikipedia articles about areas. So I tried use it to scan the area around my office at DN Road and as I panned the camera, I could see Flickr images of CST station, Foursquare checkins at nearby restaurants and twitter user profiles (not very accurate as of now).
Nice TP. You can connect using Facebook and create your own overlay of places that interest you. Leaving airtags can be fun.

Next we’ll see people’s profiles popup as we scan an area using our cellphones. Imagine scanning a space in mall, finding someone interesting-looking and then clicking on their profile to ping them using your phone. Scary ha? But fun too.