So today I had an interesting day. Visited the National Gallery of Modern Art at Colaba for the first time. It’s beautiful and was previously called the Sir Cowasji Jehangir Hall.

There was an exhbhition of paintings by Polish artist Stefan Norblin whose paintings had been displayed in the same hall in 1944 after he became a popular artist in India. I loved his work especially the huge oil on canvas murals that he made for the Umaid Bhawan Palace after he was commissioned to do so by Maharaja Gaj Singh in 1942.

On the right, is one of his paintings. I love the colours used. This one was huge.

Also at the gallery was the reconstruction of a swimming pool, highlighting the painted tiles of the pool. I loved it becauase we could walk on the tiles which were mere light projections. The effect (not sure what it’s called) lets visitors interact with the exhbhit and so we made ripples in the water while the calming sound of splashing water played in the background.

The gallery itself is beautiful and you must climb up to feel the large dome overpower you. You can hear an echo everytime you take a step in the dome hall.

Below is a photo I took at the entrance of the gallery (Really need to work on my camera technique, which I intend o master in 2012). Visitors can sketch and create lil masterpieces of their own, which the gallery later pins up for all to see. My friend Nazia painted a camel over a pair of eyes. Interesting combo ha?