She doesn’t want me to Teach India, here’s why:

Dated 20/7/09

Dear Mahafreed,

If you want to do, what you want to do, then sign this note and remember my warning, because I have experienced teaching at Churchgate railway station and Andheri.

The person in charge was a Christian whose wife and daughter were not involved. He would get college students to work and at “teaching” railway beggars, making films and getting foreign donations for his NGO.

When I had questioned my professor (in teaching school) as to how much money is received from abroad by the “person” they were very rude to me and asked me not to “poke my nose” too much.

Please sign this before you get involved:

1. I, Mahafreed will not expect my mother to get medical treatment if I contract the following diseases:

a. TB (Bleeding from the spit, anus)
b. scabies (100% contagious)
c. ringworm
d. Malaria
e. lice
f. Influenza/Diptharia
g. bed bugs and worms (intestinal)
h. The last disease I am censoring because I was appalled myself to read it in this list.

Sign here