It’s all getting to me.

Those overrated restaurants that cater to lazy bodies talking about the next place they should eat at
Those moviehalls that reek of empty popcorn bags thrown by the overdressed bodies
They’re after the mediocre, those bodies without hearts. They’re making me feel sick, the bodies who walk away, the bodies who have no opinions, the bodies who have become part of mechanical routines driven by money and material needs, the bodies who close their eyes and all their senses to keep up with pace.
A pace, that will in turn put to rest their already dead souls.

Where’s the soul?

When was the last time you really felt bad for the lil kid eating a meal from the garbage bin?
When was the last time you felt pain for the lonely stray dog without anyone to love?
When was the last time you admired the way leaves swayed with every passing breeze?

Ah they don’t matter. Entertainment comes to you only when you pay for it. You feel feelings only when you’ve paid to feel them. Sigh.