Wondering whether it was the physical courage or foolhardy nature of news reporters who stood close outside the Taj, during the 26/11 siege, columnist Anil Dharker said the terrorists could have shot news reporters instead of them shooting the terrorists.
At a panel discussion on media’s role during the terror attacks in bookstore Crosswords, Dharker said that no audience would watch a news channel on the basis of it being ethical and less sensational. Questioning the media’s bias towards giving coverage to the Taj and Trident attacks, Chief Editor of Loksatta, Kumar Ketkar asked why old-Parsi building Nariman House was sidelined. The discussion then had the panelists recall times when the media misreported the news.
Trying to get to the truth they said:
1. The girl who claimed Abhishek Bachchan had promised to marry her just before his marriage with Aishwarya was planted by a news channel.
2. Channels broadcasted news about the death of a close friend of Abdul Kalam when he was actually alive.
3. When some reporters don’t know what questions to ask they tell the interviewee, “Why don’t you say what you want to say?”