The last two nights have been sick. Sick, rotten. Sick, ghastly. Sick, sick.

After I heard of the death of a close friend of my brother’s, I realised how close to my heart the attack was. It was close because my city was burning, in real time. The perpetrators attacked some of the city’s most romantic places: CST station, Taj Hotel, Oberoi hotel, Mazgaon and Napean Sea Road. Romantic because they have character. Romantic because these are places that have witnessed the city grow around them. Romantic because it’s my city, it’s home.

All the sickness became unbearable. There was crying and trauma in the house. Escaped to the terrace of my building. 15 floors above and Mumbai was most beautiful. Heard some loud sounds from the Oberoi.

The most beautiful city is sleeping. The Chowpatty waters are calm. The sea is still. Queen’s necklace is still shining bright. The terrorists have failed.

The stars are shining bright above the Mumbai sky. You can’t destroy the stars coz you can’t reach them. Your terror is limited to earth.

The Marine Drive sea is dark. But not as dark as your heart.

As Chandrayaan goes higher and the moon gets closer, so does heaven. Terror seems to have brought heaven closer.