Ever since Chandrayaan- 1, India’s first unmanned mission to the moon, I’ve been dreaming about the moon.

Sector A-2 from the full moon atlas
Sector A-2, Lunar North Pole -Courtesy Full Moon Atlas

Well, I’m not the only one thinking about making that trip to the moon. There’s a people out there who has already booked property on the natural satellite. If you want to book a piece of the moon for yourself, click here.

As for dreamers like me who like to call themselves doers, I’m happy writing poetry for now. The moon will still be the most romantic place for all the writers of the world. In anticipation of those lunar photographs:

How nice it would be to build a tent on that cheese-like crust.
How calm and soothing the climate would feel.
How exceptionally romantic the dark sky would seem.
How brightly the stars would shine.
How coolly we could walk the moon walk.

A few dream interpretations of the moon Google throws up:
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