Earthquake! Is it an indication from God telling me to get out of my chair and go to bed?

For a journalist like me who can only think of stories, it’s an indication. More than an indication, it’s a cry: Earthquake here, please write about me. I’m shaking your chair for some coverage.

So like the average wannabe, tremors too are vying for media space.

I’d advice you to ignore this post if you are in the process of assessing my writing and thinking skills.

It’s 3.37 am, what’d you expect?

After the quake, a few Gtalk statuses read:

I felt it.
It lasted for a minute.
There were no sounds, should there have been any?
I helped hot chicks survive it.

And so you know, why I am in love with technology and the  ways it manages to tell you things you’d never know about your friends, otherwise.

I won’t let my imagination stop now that I have a blog of my own.

What does this quake signify?
Is Mumbai overburdened and overweight? With more than 5000 new people entering the city everyday, has it reached its saturation point? Engineers have already said that the number of cars that ply on the city roads are too heavy to handle.
Did it just belch? As humans we belch when we swallow air. So did Mumbai belch coz it swallowed polluted air? But then that would be a cough and not a belch. But then a quake is more of a stomach rumble.

Journalism has taught me that news, however bland it is, should be packaged. So when there’s nothing exciting, throw in a celebrity.

Below is the photograph of Barney Gumble, a Simpsons’ character who burps, and burps loud.

Barney Gumble-Celebrity belch-er
Barney Gumble - Celebrity belch-er and socialite

With uncertain rains that come, go and then do an item number, earthquakes will soon become common with Mumbai, or will they? Too much conspiracy theory for now. Time to get that beauty sleep. It’s a beauty sleep and nothing else. Darn! Sleeping is an exercise in wasting time.