Did you know that World Wide Web began as a CERN project?

Irony is, on the big atom smasher debut day, CERN’s official webcast was unavailable for all to see.

One of Mumbai’s LHC participating institutes is the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. At 12.30 pm, IST, a huge gathering of students, physicists, research scholars and enthusiasts waited to watch the atom smasher in action, on huge screens, outside the Homi Bhabha auditorium. But, instead, they had to watch regular news reporters contemplating, theorizing, enlightening and in the process, dumbing down the LHC.

It was a sad day for technology, because CERN’s webcast was unavailable. Like Orkut says, ‘Bad, bad server. No donut for you.’

CERN decided to be a little more polite. The apology read, ‘Due to a huge interest for this live video feed of the LHC First Beam day, you may not be able to see the live video stream and we apologise for this. Please try reloading the page, come back later, or check the other connection options available on this page.
Many thanks for your interest in CERN and the LHC!”

Ideally, participating institutes should have been given bandwidth for direct webcast viewing.

For those who didn't catch it live, here's an image of the first beam
For those who didn't get to watch the LHC live, here is an image of the first beam through the CMS detector. Photograph: Ianna Osborne