This should be a scary post because it’s coming from a crazy woman who can’t sleep. I have Coldplay on and every song I hear is deeper than the earlier one. Loop the songs and they get deeper and deeper. Now, I have emotions-all banging into each other-in the tunnel that is my head. It is like LHC where particles are made to collide under certain conditions for observation.

Is this God? One of his/her experiments eh?
Has to be.

Dear God,
Your experiment in soul searching hasn’t proved to be fruitful. I still am, very lost.
So much angst, so much energy… no place to go.
I don’t really know, if this is, what all 23-year-olds feel.
Please help this condition, as premature symptoms indicate lack of sleep. Yeah, I can’t sleep coz now, going to bed is mundane and boring.
PS: If you are busy, at least send a guardian angel for me, ASAP.

Thinking again… do I have too much Internet access? hmmm…