A reader asked if this (video showing UFO fly over the Gateway of India, Colaba, South Mumbai) was for real. I froze in my chair. Sometimes, I wish I had completed those computer classes my mom paid for.. It would be so exciting to have UFOs flying out of my bedroom. Counting UFOs would be more fun than counting predictable sheep.

With all my skills, I’d add bright colours, squeaky sounds and make them in different shapes.

Why, I would create a male and a female UFO,
a UFO for animals,
a UFO for UFAs and UFMs and UFFs,
a UFO for the rain,
a Porsche UFO,
a UFO for the poor,
a mass transport UFO…

Top Secret: The UFO will be an IFO (Identifiable Flying Object) only to me. So its USP remains. Muhahahah (evil laugh)