This board for Killer Jeans, reads Killer in the devnagiri. But if translated to Marathi, this would read: Khuni
I always wondered what Bata meant. In Gujarati (I think) bata refers to the mango seed. But then, Google tells me Bata is large, family owned shoe company. What's interesting is that the company was founded in 1894 in Zlín (then Austro-Hungarian Empire, today the Czech Republic) by Tomáš Baťa (pron. toh-mahsh bah-tyah) whose family had been cobblers for generations. Source: Wikipedia
The new Smoking Joes signboard looks smokin hot! ha 😉

I love the new signboards in Marathi. Yes,  there shouldn’t have been violence, Mr Raj Thackeray. But then who listens to kind words and BMC rules?  Only goonda raj can beat money power.  All said and done, those who say the signs defeat the cosmopolitan image of the city should learn some Marathi. It really is a beautiful language.

And, yes, this is a one-sided opinion because blogs were never meant to be objective. Cheers to everything that soothes MY eyes!