Black is my favourite wardrobe colour, because ‘when in doubt, wear black’, ‘black is slimming’, and ‘black is elegant.’ I own 15 different black outfits. But my mom keeps nagging me that at 23, I should enhance my aura by wearing bright colours.

So, on my birthday, when I was gifted a green blouse by a friend, I curbed my instinct to push it to the back of my wardrobe. Now, I am a firm believer in the magical effect of colours on one’s personal aura. As I narrate events on my green blouse day, you too will become a staunch believer in auras.

The day I first wore the green blouse, the attitude of everyone seemed to have undergone a subtle metamorphosis. At my workplace, my boss usually stares at the papers on his desk when he speaks to me.

But on green blouse day, he had eyes only for the green blouse. I was impressed! During the coffee break, two of my male colleagues almost had fisticuffs as to which one could get the coffee for me.

The page designer passed the entire page that I had submitted, without any cuts. This was a miracle! A senior colleague made a rare visit to my desk not to yell as usual, but to offer to take me home if the office drop was very late. Wow!

This was the type of attention that only very select people were lucky enough to receive.

I was now convinced that aura was important — and that at last I had struck gold by realising that. The possibilities seemed endless: I could demand whichever story I wanted, my articles wouldn’t be slaughtered by the page editor, I could walk in and out as I pleased, I would get all the prestigious topics to cover, maybe I could even be short listed for the best journalist award; my wish list went on.

All my co-workers had eyes only for the green blouse.

It was almost as though my face was invisible. Even the gate keeper and security personnel at the exit were mesmerised by it.

I decided that I would only wear green from then on.

So, at the next big sale, I persuaded my cousin to help me choose only green outfits.

She agreed and then kept coercing me to buy the ‘XS’ sizes. “Well, you know darling,” she said patronisingly, “it is three sizes smaller than what you usually wear, just like that green blouse that you like so much.”