Green. We all turn green when we watch Kareena show off her 23” waist line. Most of the normal women do at least. Wasted. ‘Yeah, she’s high on drugs,’ that’s what mom says to keep me motivated to hit the gym. Now France is going all out to impose a ban on editors who carry photographs of size zero models. The same rule should be applied here. Like banning Kareena. Bah, she ain’t size zero, but I am so freaking jealous. After reading this post, some might think this is an elitist thing to want. Maybe it is. But nothing feels better than my friends telling me I’ve lost weight. Yeah. And I refuse to be compared to the weird granny in Requiem for a dream who was so obsessed with her weight. But I sure do get kicks from working out. It is almost like an addiction. Lifting those bells and flinging, almost flicking them down. Sweet pain.

Recently Star News gave prime time television space to Kareena’s yoga teacher. The teacher, who wasn’t particularly attractive and didn’t even have a proportionate body was pointing at Kareena’s diet chart. The funny part was, all that came out of that programme was that Kareena’s Diet Coke drinking habits. The dumbing down for 30 minutes looked like another marketing gimmick for Brand Coke.

At least Salman Khan promotes cycling by doing it himself. I mean, mean, lean machine. Prejudice apart, that man is gorgeous. I don’t go green when I see him. Just red. And red is enough to wake me early and hit the gym.