He visits his work place only 3 times a week and still managed to earn $55,123 last month. Who is this man and what does he do? The name is Karamveer a.k.a Jim Karter.An IITian from Mumbai, Karamveer revisited his alma mater to be part of a BarCamp which was being held for the first time in the city. BarCamps are meets that bring technologically savvy people together for impromptu discussions.


At the camp, Karamveer managed to spark lots of debates. Participants wanted to know how he earned all the moolah. But what does Karamveer do? To answer that question, you will have to ask the man himself. “I run 200 blogs. Every time a user clicks on an ad on the blog, I earn big bucks,” he says. His blogs are niche and receive 1 million views everyday. He has blog on cars, a blog on sport, a blog on celebrity gossip and even a blog on how to make money online.

It all started when Karamveer was in the sky, literally. Part of the gliders’ community in Pune, he used to enjoy flying till one fatal day. He fell from the sky and crashed breaking the bones in his legs and hands. Bedridden and with 27 fractures there was little he could do. So he placed his laptop on his stomach and started the Make Money Online blog. “I love earning money online and I loved writing about it and then earning further money from it,” he says very simply.

A comment on his Make Money Online blog asks, “What do you do with all the money? I bet you live in a castle.” “Nope,” he replies. I still live in my 3-bedroom flat.You might think Karamveer is a geek and with an online name like Jim Karter, an impersonator. But the man is a pro and doesn’t spend 24 hours online. “There was a point of time when I used to spend a lot of time on the Internet, setting up my blogs. But now all the money keeps pouring in.”

Today Karamveer is a happy man and he has no qualms about all the residual income he earns.

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