“Once people have made up their minds to be free, that is nothing that will stop them.” Desmond Tutu

Wow! That has to be the most inspiring quote ever. The Tibetans have been struggling for a dream. In China, gruesome genocide takes place as my friends here tell me about monks being brutally killed. They are just silent protesters. More Gandhi than any Indian in India.

Dreams come easy for us here on our spaces. Space. It is a luxury. Online space. A luxury again. Google is a luxury. We have most things that others can only dream of. Your body is a luxury. Food is a luxury. Often our luxuries take over our souls. The soul. It is basic…till it meets luxury.


Dreams, spaces, soul. They are being crushed. All three of em. The Tibetans in China are being robbed of them. Genocide. Mass genocide. Blood. Slash. Splatter. Slash. Blood. Splatter.

Did it occur to you? Do you even know of how lucky you are? You are human and have eyes. Isn’t that beautiful? It is magical.

Stuck in reverse.

It is that sinking feeling where you are human, and have the abilities. But they go in waste. Down the drain.

Could it be worse?