Calculate this. Rs 6 crore from a bid, a few lakhs from cricket matches, some more cash from advertisements, and a little more moolah every time a minister thinks you are making the country proud.

India’s cricket captain has more than just calculations to do. There is the big question of investments and savings too. And learning to do it the correct way might be just one of the reasons why he is getting back to college to complete his BCom degree.

At 26, Mahi might just be the richest student to attend college anywhere in Jharkhand. And while Deepika Padukone prefers completing her graduation degree in Sociology, from Delhi University via a distant education programme, Dhoni is seeking admission at St Xavier’s College, Ranchi through the sports quota.

But how easy is it to get back to college when you’ve crossed a certain age? Ask the city’s shrinks and you’ll get the answers. Clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrani says it isn’t very easy to handle peer pressure, especially when it comes from people younger than you. “IQ levels, ideas, perceptions are different. There isn’t consonance,” says Hingorrani.

Take the case of Shah Rukh Khan going back to college in the film Main Hoon Na. The kids just didn’t think he was cool enough to hang out with. “I know women who have gone back to college at 42 and just couldn’t cope,” she says. Psychiatrist Harish Shetty says nothing can stop a motivated mind. “Someone can be old, married and working and may still want to study,” he says. He goes on to say that people should follow suit as the Indian captain is setting an example for all who want to get back to their books.