The rumors are out. Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh didn’t call Aussie player Andrew Symonds monkey, but gave him a ‘maa-ki gaali’ (profanity against mother). To me, any abuse at a woman is worse than racial abuses.

News channels across are singing praises of Bhajji and how he has survived the Australian bashing. But does he really deserve all that praise? Everyone wants to blame the media. It is easy to do it. I ain’t blaming ’em. It is just that they could do better than praise an abusive goner.

Saturation cricket coverage has made me a convert. I am anti-cricket now.

Sport is popular. Sport commentary is too. But with sport comes strong players, aggression (with and without abuse), predictions, obstacles, stats, player trivia, rules, strategy, bad decisions, scores, penalties, advance moves, cheats… it is all very popular.

But cricket… just doesn’t have the correct proportions to live up to my personal taste.