She’s is Indian and glam. Pooja Bedi on being a botox babe.

Why are you promoting Botox?
I used Botox and was so satisfied that I wanted the whole world to know. I am an actor and have to look beautiful all the time. Botox helps me keep the wrinkles on my forehead away.

Were you apprehensive about using Botox?
Sure I was. I asked my doctor 300 questions before even thinking of getting it done. Most procedures are very advanced. But I was still scared about the side-effects. I made my decision only after all my doubts had been cleared by my specialist.

Did it hurt?
The first time it did. The injection pricked and there were red blemishes. But that was because I went to the wrong doctor. I’d advise people to go to specialists who have experience in skin treatment and Botox.

Should young girls and boys follow your example?
I don’t think people below 30 need cosmetic surgery. It is meant for older people who have wrinkles.

Are men who inject Botox attractive?
Most Bollywood hunks that women drool over use Botox today. Who said that Botox is only for women? My doctor claims her clients comprise more men than women.