I am proud of Ratan Tata. He has made history and not many people know how to appreciate a man dedicated to work. People who already have cars are suddenly realising that owning a car won’t be a symbol of the elite.

The Nano has made ‘the non-expert’ realise we are using too many cars.

The Nano has made ‘the non-expert’ think about the car capacity of roads.

The Nano has made ‘the non-expert’ think of pollution, air and noise.

We need to thank The Nano for making the non-expert realise that the earth is under threat.

Mahafreed’s view: Use public transport or walk! Fat people who step out of cars are ugly and sloth-like. I’ve seen people get a car to the gym. Ridiculous. Luxury, but at whose expense? Just a question: Does Dr.Pachauri have a car?