Who’s the real Bilawal Bhutto Zardari? You may have to go to Facebook to read the mind and soul of the late Benazir Bhutto’s son.

A posting of the 19-year-old on Facebook reads: “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” Bilawal’s profile on a social networking site reveals his love and admiration for his mother. Like her, he enjoys debating, and has often attended sessions at the Oxford Union, of which his mother was president.

Bilwal’s Facebook profile also reveals the teenager, who’s also the Pakistan People’s Party chairman, is tuned in to the green vibe of the times: he is a member of a community that fights global warming.

Bilawal on facebook

He also uses Facebook to showcase his ideology. “Accept more than one idea because it offends extremists,” he writes. “Embrace pluralism. If you want to get them, accept more than one idea and make them crazy.”

Bilawal is critical of Islamic extremism. “Jihadis are bothered by freedom. They can’t bear to see newspapers that can print anything they want, women who can do anything they want including taking a rocket ship to outer space, vote, and play football.”

He writes extensively on Facebook about how women are not allowed to attend school and have jobs in places where extremists rule. He is vigorous in his condemnation of execution by stoning.

If Bilawal’s Facebook following is anything to go by, then politics should be a breeze: There are 16 groups (with names like ‘Bilawal is the bomb’ and ‘Don’t assassinate Bilawal because he is hot!’) dedicated to him.

Umer Mukhtar, a family friend, says, “We are a bunch of maniacs. We need someone like him to tell us what is correct and lead from the front. He is my mentor and inshallah [god willing], he will lead Pakistan one day.”

Mahafreed says: Bilawal is cute. He sounds strong. Good luck to him.  I would love to interview Bilawal some day.