Thesis-Part 1

Orkutization and its impact on human evolution

Fried-ship requests

If you have a nice display image, and female, you will and must have been bombarded with ’em fried-ship requests. They are weird, corny and often obnoxious. You can ignore them or say f**(fly) off!

Fan List

The number of fans is supposed to indicate your popularity. But most of the time, it is a ‘I’m your fan, so you be mine’ situation.

Community threads

There are all kinds of communities but most thread topics are bash-up forums. 

Fake profiles

You’ll find fakus everywhere, from people posing as actors to dirty nude impostors. It’s all out there, because the Internet let’s you be you. Basic.

Nasty scrap revenge

Oh you can ask questions for which you always wanted answers to and reveal dirty secrets at the same time.

Spy Tool

Orkut, more than anything is a spy tool. It caters to man’s instinct to know, to eavesdrop and that’s what can make it addictive.

Display pictures

A display image says a lot about you.

No image: I’m hiding, wanna keep it low profile.

Cartoon picture: I resemble the cartoon I’ve displayed.

Face profile: I’m hot, atleast I think I am.

Couple picture: I’m in love and I want the whole world to know.

Error messages

‘Bad, bad server. No cookie for you.’ is one phrase everyone hates to see. But here is another error message which not everyone knows about.


If you haven’t read the entire bad server message, read it carefully again. It manages to personify the server 🙂


Mr. Orkut

The man who started it all.  Orkut Buyukkokten! Here is a link to his home page :


He gets to have all the fun…See women like intelligent men.