Gender Stereotype 1: Women are house-runners! Define house-runners. A person who manages the house (by choice or otherwise) Men manage the house too. Just because women run the house doesn’t mean they don’t do other things.   

Gender Stereotype 2: Men don’t have the time to help at home. Du-uh! I bet they have time for extra marital affairs.  

Gender Stereotype 3: Women enjoy running the house. Men will too, if they were reinforced to believe it. My list is never-ending. But I’d like to keep it crisp for this post.   The oh-so-audible stereotypes: You are a girl, learn to cook. The man can’t touch the broom.The best profession for women—teaching. Don’t touch the pickle bottle, you are ‘unclean’. Boys don’t dance. Sunita wants to become a doctor, gynaecology would be ideal.She is the worst driver ever! And then there are the not-so-audible, yet very fatal stereotypes too.I’m human and buffoon-ism is a character I adapt, sometimes to entertain people, with no ill intent. A few of them include:

  • Do you belong to Sec A?
  • South Mumbai is Bombay.
  • What suburbs? They are dump ground for malls.

Time for a few clarifications:

  • I have many friends from suburbia, who are richer (stupid term, couldn’t think of anything better) than me.
  • I haven’t been to many places beyond Worli to even judge and have a non-biased opinion.