Rakhi Sawant wanted to gift computers and carom boards to inmates in a Mumbai jail. When she was stopped she said, “Par mujhe jail ke andar jaana hain! I have been locked up in a house and I know how it feels.” I think it was a sweet gesture considering she spent the money she earned on Big Boss to buy the gifts. 

How many film stars and rich people donate anything?

Mr.Amitabh Bachchan, who was nominated for president-ship, donated a Bentley to his own son! In his free time, Amitabh promotes different products. His latest is Uttar Pradesh. The ad says UP is the state with the least crime. The ad slams, slaps, kicks you, on your face, just after the Nithari killings. But my complaint list against the Bachchans is long and never ending. On Aishwarya Rai, the Big B says, “She is domesticated.” I mean for gods sake! Why does the media feed on ‘The small b’? He is small. I’ll tell you why. Aishwarya Rai was made to marry a tree so that she would remain a suhagan. According to me, when someone says, “Sada suhagan raho” they want you to die before your husband. Don’t marry her if you think she is unlucky! Would an actor like Abhishek Bachchan marry a tree? We talk about old customs and orthodox tradition but when role models blindly follow faith it becomes difficult to change the way the nation thinks.