Have you ever wondered what the world would be without dogs? It would be ‘love-less’.

Dogs are human-like. Whoever said they are ‘more human’ than humans themselves, said it well. Dogs are emotional, sensitive and sharp beings. The other day Priya (DNA colleague) and moi stopped at a traffic signal, we were in a taxi when we saw the most human-like Alsatian dog. He was huge, just like a big man.

The same look 

He noticed that we were staring at him and was most pleased. His mistress pulled his leashbut he was adamant to stay cause he knew we were looking. The minute he realized the traffic signal was green, he started trod-ding, parallel to the motion of our taxi. I may not be the best describer or anecdote-teller but I can tell you what I saw.

Try this: Every-time you see a dog, look eye-to-eye, and if you are lucky you will feel this strange connection. Karmic. Reincarnation? Déjà Vu. It’s as if the dog is saying, “I emphatize. I know what you are going through. I feel for you. I’ve been there, done that.”

I’m a Barney fan


Another dog, imp-like I’d describe it is George Bush’s dog: Barney. His ears, like horns. And did you know he has a page on the whitehouse website, dedicated to Mr. Imp-so-popular. Barney biography, Barney photographs, Barney films. Looks like he has achieved much more than I have. And here’s a link to the official Barney Home page: http://www.whitehouse.gov/barney/ just in case you don’t believe me.  Alert: Don’t get stuck there, come back. I need  to increase traffic on ma blog.

We asked Mumbai whether Mumbai was dog friendly and the opinion swayed towards saying ‘no’. I spoke to Abodh Aras, the CEO of Welfare of Stray Dogs, an NGO committed to the friendly, overtly friendly and not-so-friendly stray dogs of the city. He was returning from a dog vaccination drive. “We need more spaces for people to take their dogs for walks.” I agree. I’ve seen 4-5 dogs with leches tied together, dragged by servants. Why buy/keep a dog if you don’t have the time to take the cutey for walks??? The Mumbai dog is an accessory, a status symbol. “You belong to a different class, if you own a Rottweiler in Delhi.” says my editor. I have no issues with ‘showing off’ but make sure you are true to your dog. True to your love.

Maha gyaan: Knowing half the truth is worse than knowing lies.

Our DNA Speakup story: Is Mumbai dog-friendly: dog.pdf

In response to this story we recieved letters from dog-haters. One read “Kill excess stray dogs.” Isn’t this statement ironic?

Dog pictures from the Dog Show at Shivaji Park.

I need a haircut, the just-woke-up-messy-look is out!p3230481.JPGQuote me, on the record. But please don’t stuff that IBN mike in my face!

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